Infusing Optimal Care

Infusion Nursing: INS India

Infusing Optimal Care

Infusion nursing has undergone a profound evolution. Established by dedicated healthcare professionals, the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) India strives to standardise infusion therapy practices across the nation.


From critical care intervention to a ubiquitous aspect of modern healthcare, infusion nursing has undergone a remarkable evolution. Once confined to hospital settings, infusion therapies now permeate diverse environments, including homes and outpatient clinics, reflecting the crucial role they play in patient care.

Established by a cadre of healthcare professionals, the Infusion Nurses Society (INS) India, an affiliate of the US-based INS, stands at the forefront of standardising infusion therapy practices across the nation. In its pursuit of excellence, INS envisions being the global authority in infusion therapy, exceeding public expectations through setting industry benchmarks and delivering exceptional care.
Since its inception in 1973, the US counterpart of INS has been a beacon of support for healthcare professionals engaged in infusion therapy. INS India, born in December 2010, echoes this commitment, aligning its efforts with its US counterpart’s vision and mission.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India, has officially endorsed the standards established by the INS- India, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward standardising infusion practices nationwide.

Leadership and Patronage
INS India’s journey is guided by prominent figures in the healthcare arena. Notable among them are T Dileep Kumar, President of the Indian Nursing Council (INC) and an Ex-Nursing Adviser for the Government of India, Dr Girdhar Gyani, Founder Member of Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI), Dr Vijay Agarwal, President, Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations (CAHO), and Dr Josephine Little Flower, Nursing Advisor to the Government of India who lend their expertise as Honorary Patrons. The Governing Council, led by Col Binu Sharma and Madhukari Ray, steers the society towards its goals with unwavering dedication. Other Founder Members include Lt Col Saravjeet Kaur; Bri Sai Bala Madathil; Dr Jyoti Clara J.M; Thankam Gomez; Dr Prabhu Vinayagam; Clare D’Mello; Cap Sandhya Shankar; Harvinder Kaur Vaid; Purnima Mittal; Girja Sharma; Ajitha Nair; Saroja Jaykumar; Doli Biswas; Bindu George; Cap Neelam Deshwal; Josephine Cyrill; Annu Kaushik; Dr Sunita Arora, and Dr Latha Venkatesan.

Vision: Recognised as the global authority in infusion therapy, INS is dedicated to surpassing the public’s expectations of excellence by establishing the benchmark for infusion care.

Mission: INS sets the standard for excellence in infusion nursing by developing and disseminating standards of practice, providing professional development opportunities and quality education, advancing best practices through evidence-based practice and research, and supporting professional certification while advocating for the public.

Values: INS is committed to excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, and innovation.

Industry Partnerships and Membership With over 2000 Lifetime Members nationwide, INS India garners immense support from industry partners as Platinum and Associate members, fostering a collaborative environment for advancement. Its membership, open to all healthcare professionals involved in infusion therapy, serves as a gateway to professional development and growth opportunities.

National Data Repository Centre
The National Data Repository Centre, established by the INS-India, serves as the cornerstone for compiling crucial data related to complications associated with infusion therapy. Its primary objective is to heighten awareness among healthcare professionals regarding the diverse complications that may arise from infusion therapy, along with occupational hazards such as needle stick injuries and exposure to blood and bodily fluids. By leveraging this extensive dataset, the repository endeavours to offer invaluable insights that can be utilised to educate and train aspiring healthcare professionals, while simultaneously establishing benchmarks for the nation. Ultimately, these endeavours are aimed at nurturing the development and adoption of standardised protocols and practices in infusion therapy, thereby ensuring the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals.

By joining INS-India, healthcare professionals gain access to a wealth of resources and educational initiatives designed to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the realm of Infusion Therapy.

Endorsement of INS India Standards by MoHFW
The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India, has officially endorsed the standards established by the INS- India, marking a significant milestone in the journey toward standardising infusion practices nationwide. This endorsement holds paramount importance as it extends the influence of INS India standards to both pre-service and in-service nurses, integrating them into nursing curriculums and continuous education programs across the country.

With approximately 1.4 million nurses gaining access to these endorsed standards through the INS India website, their significance within the professional sphere is greatly amplified. Furthermore, INS India is actively involved in training student nurses in infusion standards at nursing colleges and is in the process of establishing a Regional Centre for Training on Infusion Standards of Practice. This initiative is designed to provide ongoing training on infusion therapy skills and standards, with experienced nursing professionals serving as trainers.
To further facilitate knowledge dissemination and skill enhancement, INS India is leveraging online platforms and an Android app. These digital tools empower nurses by providing convenient access to resources and training materials, ultimately elevating infusion standards and enhancing patient care outcomes across the healthcare spectrum.

Continuous Professional Development
Furthermore, the INS India has introduced online learning courses in collaboration with the World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA), offering complimentary access to INS lifetime members. This partnership is designed to equip Indian nurses and healthcare professionals with essential knowledge and skills to mitigate medication errors and uphold safe infusion practices in accordance with global standards.
The WCEA specialises in Continuing Professional Development Learning Management Systems, offering access to a wide array of CPD courses encompassing over 700 modules. By leveraging this platform, INS members gain access to an extensive network of professional development opportunities.

Membership Growth and Institutional Integration
During the fiscal year 2019-20, a total of 10 hospitals enrolled in the Infusion Standards of Practice program, effectively integrating these standards into their healthcare facilities. As momentum continues to build, the program has seen significant growth, with over 15 institutions already enrolled for the program in 2021-22. These institutions include renowned establishments and hospital chains committed to upholding the highest standards of care in infusion therapy.

Membership in INS-India is open to all healthcare professionals engaged in the field of Infusion Therapy, providing them with access to a wide range of opportunities for professional development. By joining INS-India, healthcare professionals gain access to a wealth of resources and educational initiatives designed to enhance their knowledge and expertise in the realm of Infusion Therapy.

In its relentless pursuit of excellence, INS India emerges as a potent force in transforming infusion therapy practices, driving towards a future where optimal patient care is the norm.

Evolution of Infusion Nursing

The field of infusion nursing has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving from a measure reserved for critical cases to a highly specialised and pervasive aspect of modern healthcare. Once considered an extreme intervention, infusion therapy is now a cornerstone of medical treatment, with its application extending to more than 90% of hospitalised patients. This expansion transcends the traditional confines of hospital settings, with infusion therapies now being administered in diverse environments such as homes, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient clinics.

Fuelling this evolution are the remarkable advancements in pharmacology and technology, which have not only broadened the scope of infusion therapy but also elevated its importance within the healthcare ecosystem. Particularly noteworthy is the rising prevalence of biologic agents, whose delivery via infusion has become increasingly prevalent. As the utilisation of such agents continues to grow, so too does the crucial role played by infusion nurses in their administration and management.

With this expanding role comes a heightened need for specialised expertise and support. Infusion nurses are tasked not only with the safe and effective delivery of therapies but also with staying abreast of the latest developments and best practices in the field. Recognising this need, the INS has emerged as the preeminent professional organisation dedicated to advancing the practice of infusion nursing.

By providing invaluable resources, education, and advocacy, INS empowers infusion nurses to excel in their roles and deliver the best patient care. Through continuous training and support, infusion nurses are equipped to navigate the complexities of modern healthcare and ensure the highest standards of care for their patients.


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