Second wave of Covid-19 spreads faster than last year…..

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When we thought that the worst was over, second Covid-19 wave has hit India hard. We are again seeing the doctors and the healthcare workers getting sick in large numbers. Even fully vaccinated doctors are testing positive for Covid-19.

With very disappointing we have to say that today the second wave of coronavirus (COVID-19) is increasing rapidly and has once again shaken the whole world with unprecedented ferocity, sending shivers down the spine of millions of people. India has so far done well to contain the spread of coronavirus but the country needs to keep up its vigil to defeat the dreaded virus that has emerged as the biggest threat to mankind.

Till the time of going to press, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of India, reported over 1.40 lakh fresh cases. This is the third consecutive day of adding more than 1 lakh infections. Daily additions have been exceeding single-day recoveries since March 11, causing the active cases to bounce back to close to 10 lakh, a tally last touched in September last year. The night curfew has already been imposed in Delhi/ NCR region, Mumbai and more regions where the cases are rapidly increasing. The Delhi government recently announced new restrictions to contain the spread of the disease which includes allowing restaurants, cinema halls and buses within Delhi to operate with 50 percent capacity.

There is good news for those who are looking for new drug for treatment of Covid-19. Thanks to the researchers/scientists of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University (DPSRU) who have achieved a milestone by inventing new Corona drug. DPSRU is one of premier Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research University of India. Double Helicle feels pride to break such mind blowing, research oriented and very informative story titled “Docking to Dwelling “.

With the first case of corona reported from Wuhan, China on 31st December, there has been unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). After over one year, the cases world-wide have not given satisfactory relief to be called as ‘Control over the Disease’. Still when this article is written, a total of about 128 million cases have appeared with over 21 million active cases and 2 million deaths world-wide (216 countries affected). Daily even today half a million new cases appear from 155 countries and out of them daily over 1000 deaths reported from 56 countries. Even new deaths are reported from over 100 countries. In the beginning the case fatality ratio was 5-10%, it is a bit consolation that it has been reduced to about 1-3 %. One of the major breakthroughs has been the availability of vaccines. Lockdown, curfews, usage of masks and social distancing has given some rescue for the spread of the disease.

With vaccines it was hoped that herd immunity will come and appearance of cases will go down. However, the appearance of the second wave all across the world in different countries across the world puts a question of early success of the vaccination.

Keeping increasing cases of Covid-19, we should make us wonder if most of us have let down our guard. When the first wave struck we were ill prepared to tackle it and we lost many budding and promising doctors/intellectuals/politicians/ filmmakers/ world fame actors and actresses while they were in the line of duty. This time around we are better prepared with PPE kits, proper safety equipment and guidelines. We don’t want to lose anymore.

Everyone should be safe and take all possible precautions while attending to your patients. The situation is grim and the infectivity much higher than the last time. All must be vaccinated, if they still have not. In this grave pandemic situation we have to take precaution and maintain social distancing. A disease free doctor can serve thousands of patients. So your safety is in your hands.

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