Indian Council of Medical Research Unveils branding guidelines

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the apex body in India for health research, has unveiled its new branding guidelines; involving script along the exterior of the existing logo. The dot and the Devanagari script in the exterior reflect the Indian roots of the Council. The round and softer lettering depicts care and solidarity with science while the straight line imparts strength, professionalism and efficiency.
The 107-year old Council is one of the oldest medical research body in the world. ICMR has undergone multiple evolutions in their logo over the century. The recent identity will supplement the main logo of the Council which represents the lamp of knowledge with “Parikshakarino hi Kushala Bhavanti”. This Sanskrit shloka translates to “Those alone are wise who act after investigation”.
Unveiling the new identity, Prof (Dr) Balram Bhargava, Secretary, Department of Health Research and Director General, ICMR said “This new identity is more than a change of symbol, it’s a symbol of change. Brand ICMR has always been in the forefront of health research in the country and contributed to the country’s wellbeing through its pathbreaking research and solutions. The new identity portrays ICMR’s commitment to be responsive to the emerging health challenges through three fundamental differentiators: Innovation, Professionalism and People.” Dr Chander Shekhar, the Additional Director-General, ICMR said “ICMR has 26 institutes and regional medical research centres, laboratories and field stations across India. Increasingly, we felt that there was a need for uniformity of the ICMR brand across its institutes to embody its values and vision. The new identity has been extended to all our institutes to create a uniform and strong brand territory”.

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